October 21st 2022, 10pm
Rote Bar, Volkstheater Wien

Slowmotiondancer (CZ)

Image of Slowmotiondancer (CZ)

Slowmotiondancer is the solo music project of Prague-based artist and producer Dominik Gajarsky. Characterized by evocative vocals against melancholic synth melodies with r'n'b feeling, his musical output is slightly sardonic yet oozing with emotion. Gajarsky combines instrument samples with minimal electronic background. In the past he presented his musical project Empathy in the Rudolfinum Gallery in Prague or in Pioneer Works in Brooklyn. He has previously composed soundtracks for theatre, mounted his own exhibitions, and recently released a solo album called Empathy under Shanghai’s label Genome 6.66Mbp.

Makossiri (KE)

Image of Makossiri (KE)

Makossiri makes club music that defies genre limitations. Rich in narration and soaked in a cinematic atmosphere, her sets are a blend of experimental music, hardcore techno, psy-trance, industrial noise, and african rhythms often mixed in with her own live vocals, outer worldly sounds, and elements of Afro-Futurism and Egyptian mythology. Makossiri started her musical and artistic journey at a very young age in the church choir in Kenya, then later developing a passion for poetry, acting, songwriting and acoustic guitar. In 2018, she decided to move from Kenya to Kampala and be part of its vibrant artistic scene. In Kampala, she started organizing fashion pop-ups and music events and later on got into deejaying and producing music. Her latest EP, Juicy Juicy with Hakuna Kulala (under Nyege Nyege Tapes) was released, 1st October 2021.

Bored Lord (US)

Image of Bored Lord (US)

Daria Lourd (aka Bored Lord) is a Memphis born multidisciplinary and versatile artist. Daria formed roots in electronic music with production, notably her latest release on Knightwerk records. Her DJing skill was defined when she joined forces with the underground rave community in Oakland, California. Daria has been churning out club ready and euphoric tracks on her personal Bandcamp as well as contributing remixes for other artists and labels like T4T LUV NRG.

Guiding Light IV (AT)

Image of Guiding Light IV (AT)

Artjom Astrov, Kisling & Till Megerle. The project Guiding Light started as a series of videos released by the music label Serious Serious in 2021. The concert is a continuation of a practice that can be defined as deep “hanging out” that is neither predetermined nor random. The band plays with extremes and contradictions such as „realness“ and „artificiality“ as both visual and performative tools in order to continually question the essence of their work. To hang out deeply isn’t merely a genre of music but a form of labor that embodies inexplicable sounds, intimate or sometimes banal situations, and carefully assembled visuals.  One could think of this concert as tracks that would form one song—a song that is shaped by the constellation of the voices of the three protagonists and the kind of exteriorization and meaning that they commonly convey.

Isocialbutterfly (DE)

Image of Isocialbutterfly (DE)

isocialbutterfly, artist, costume designer and dj, based in Vienna founded POSSY in 2017 due to a lack of FLINTA* visibility in Hamburgs Club culture. In her work, she is investigating on interdisciplinary and unknown images in sound, film and theatre. Musicwise, spherical surfaces get mixed with housy and breaking beats and influences from diverse genres, such as jungle, rnb and trance.


Image of GNEVER (AT)

GNEVER is the solo project of Laura Hatting aka Mariähymen die Ekelhafte. GNEVER aims for nothing but confronting you with the very unbearableness that made grim vocals a necessity in the first place. Pain is a genre of its own, and loneliness is nothing but another limit to overcome. Returning to stage after a year of breathtaking catastrophy with some unreleased material. May rage be your guide til it burns down to sorrow.